Dental Braces Are Useful to Correct Misaligned Teeth and Jaws
Dental Braces Are Useful to Correct Misaligned Teeth and Jaws

Dental Braces Are Useful to Correct Misaligned Teeth and Jaws

May 01, 2021

Many people have misaligned teeth and jaws besides crowded teeth. People need dental braces to align their teeth and jaws correctly to produce an even bite and pleasing smile. Dental braces are not preferred by adults who favor modern removable appliances instead of having wires and brackets attached to their teeth. However, not everyone is ideal for removable aligners, and many people need fixed dental braces to improve their dental problems correctly.

Why You May Need Dental Braces?

Dental braces near me are recommended if you have overcrowded or crooked teeth, gaps between your teeth, upper teeth overlapping the lower teeth either vertically or horizontally, upper teeth biting behind the lower teeth, and other jaw misalignment problems resulting in an uneven bite.

By getting dental braces to fix the problems above, you can improve the appearance of your teeth but also your dental health and the way you bite, chew, and speak.

Can Adults Also Have Braces?

If you want braces as an adult, you must visit the dentist near Stafford, VA, and prepare yourself to wear the braces longer than a younger person. However, you can rest assured the results delivered are similar. The extra time needed for the treatment is because your jaws and bones are no longer growing. There may also be some issues that cannot be corrected by braces alone.

Many candidates for braces receive them during their teenage years feeling proud about them, thinking it is an initiation into adulthood.

How Do You Prepare for Braces?

If your regular dentist notices issues with your teeth and jaws that require treatment, you will likely receive a referral to braces near Stafford, VA. The Stafford dentist is a specialist in the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of dental and facial irregularities.

Some alignment problems occur during childhood and easily guided before puberty but become more evident after the permanent teeth erupt through the gums. In such cases, dentists recommend waiting until sufficient teeth have erupted before providing braces. Children usually get braces between eight and 14 while the facial bones are still developing and their teeth are moved comfortably.

When you visit the Stafford dentist for braces in Stafford, VA, the dentist examines your teeth, jaws, and mouth. They also take x-rays to determine the position of your teeth. Dentists usually take panoramic x-rays showing all the upper and lower teeth in a biting position and any teeth still developing within the jaws. Special x-rays of the head help dentists determine the size, position, and relationship on the jaws with the teeth. The 3D x-rays provide the dentist a better idea of the teeth’ open position with each other.

If your mouth is overcrowded, you may not have sufficient space in the jaw for all your existing teeth. In such cases, the dentist recommends extraction of one or more teeth to make space for the remaining teeth to fit comfortably. If your situation is very complex and the bite is significantly out of alignment, you may need jaw repositioning surgery besides braces.

What Can You Expect with Braces?

Braces in 25554 proceed with the treatment in three phases—the initial placement, periodic adjustments, and using a retainer after removing the braces.

Fixed dental braces consist of the following components: brackets, ringlike bands, flexible archwires, small rubber bands, headgear, and temporary anchorage devices.

After placing the fixed braces on your teeth, the Stafford dentist adjusts them periodically by tightening the interconnecting wires to put pressure on the teeth and gradually shift them into their new positions. The jaw responds by dissolving the bone in the moving tooth’s path and laying new bone behind it as a reaction to the pressure.

Your teeth and jaws will experience soreness after adjusting to the discomfort bothering you for a few days. However, the discomfort is comfortably eased with over-the-counter pain relievers.

What Results Are Delivered by Braces?

Braces are incredibly effective in realigning crooked teeth and correcting incorrectly positioned jaws giving you a pleasant smile and a healthy mouth. You must prepare yourself to wear braces for 12 months to 36 months and retainers indefinitely after that. You have a significant role in the success of your treatment if you decide to wear braces. You must follow the Stafford dentist’s instructions during the retention period. Most importantly, you must also wear the retainer as instructed or risk losing the benefits of getting the treatment with dental braces.

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