Dental Braces Will Do Much More Than Straighten Your Teeth: Here’s Why
Dental Braces Will Do Much More Than Straighten Your Teeth: Here’s Why

Dental Braces Will Do Much More Than Straighten Your Teeth: Here’s Why

Dec 01, 2021

Orthodontics in Stafford is always geared towards improving the function of your teeth by ensuring that you have a healthy and functional bite. In the process, dental aesthetics may improve. However, most people limit using braces in Stafford, VA, to straightening teeth.

The principal goal of braces is to straighten your teeth, but the story doesn’t end there. Many positive ripple effects may come as a result of you having a straight smile. This is because your teeth play many roles, such as maintaining your facial structure, aiding in enunciation, enhancing digestion, etc. So, when they are not straight, they will not function as they are supposed to.

Are you curious to see what else braces near you can do for your smile and oral health? If you are, check out the following:

  • Helps Fight Tooth Decay

When you get braces in Stafford, VA, you might not be thinking that cleaner teeth may arise from wearing them. However, one of the positive attributes of wearing braces is keeping tooth decay at bay.

It can be challenging to clean your teeth when you are wearing braces. But the benefits come after your treatment. Instead of overlapping or crowding each other, your teeth will be aligned, and the gaps between your teeth reduced. When this happens, cleaning your teeth will become way more trouble-free.

Crowded teeth are almost impossible to clean effectively, which can lead to plaque buildup on the teeth. In no time, you will have tooth decay.

When your teeth are correctly aligned, you can clean all your teeth’ surfaces properly. Therefore, there is a decreased likelihood of getting dental caries.

  • Helps Fight Gum Disease

When you have overlapping or crowded teeth, you will not be able to deal with plaque. If you have large gaps between teeth, bacteria will have an easier time finding hiding places. Plus, these areas are a nightmare to clean.

In no time, plaque may start forming at the gumline. If plaque hardens, it forms tartar, which can cause gum disease if our dentist doesn’t deal with it.

However, a straighter smile will ensure that your teeth are easily accessible and thus easier to clean.

  • Healthier Jaw

At times you may have straight teeth but a misaligned bite. Underbites, crossbites, and even overbites can stress your jaw bone and the temporomandibular joint that links the jaw to the head. You may begin to deal with headaches, locked jaw syndrome, and even temporomandibular joint disorder.

Also, if you have huge spaces between your teeth, there’s a chance that the jaw in those areas may be eroding. It is the same issue that faces someone who has lost their tooth. If the jawbone is not engaged, it begins to deteriorate.

Therefore, getting braces to reduce the gaps address bite-related issues can help keep your jawbone healthy.

  • Helps With Speech Issues

Your teeth play a massive role in how you enunciate. Therefore, some speech issues may arise if your teeth are misaligned. This is because the words are formed when you press and move your tongue against your teeth.

The issue is ordinarily severe in people who have underbites and overbites. The tongue might not be able to make the correct noise while it presses against the teeth.

Braces will help move the teeth to a more appropriate position that can help your tongue make the right noises as it presses against your teeth. This can help deal with mispronunciations and mild lisps.

  • Aids Digestion

As you know, digestion not only begins in the mouth, but you need your teeth to grind the food to make it easier for your stomach to digest. So, if your teeth are misaligned, you may not chew food properly. This can lead to poor digestion. However, braces can help straighten your teeth to help you begin to enjoy your food and chew it properly.

  • Boosts Confidence

Dental aesthetics is an important issue because the more attractive your smile is, the more confident you become. You will interact more freely and will not feel shy to show your perfectly aligned pearly whites.

Now, do you believe that braces can do so much more? If you need orthodontics in Stafford, contact us at James E. Lupi DDS to schedule an appointment.

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