Mar 01, 2022

Irregular teeth alignment can cause low self-confidence and sometimes make you unhappy with yourself. The good news is you can get suitable dental treatments for your teeth and smile better again. If your crooked or misaligned teeth make you feel shy or embarrassed whenever you smile in public, then it just might be the best time for you to see an orthodontist near you. We at Lupi Orthodontics – Stafford, VA, always provide the best dental services you need.

What Are Clear Braces?

Clear braces look like metal braces in size and shape. It is often used by orthodontic patients for teeth straightening. However, clear braces are made of ceramic materials and are slightly transparent (invisible), unlike metal braces. Because of their aesthetic appearance, people tend to overlook their treatment period and get them regardless.

Although clear braces might take longer in teeth straightening than metal braces for some people, this could be different in others. Also, if you don’t get the right quality of clear braces, they could chip or crack, disrupting your treatment period. All things being equal, metal and transparent braces will require the same time to straighten the teeth.

What Are The Benefits Of Clear Braces?

If you are not sure about getting clear braces, here are the benefits of clear braces that you might not want to miss:

  • Clear braces are aesthetic. Some people don’t like the idea of wearing metal braces because it shows visibly and might make them look awkward. On the other hand, clear braces are less visible and come in different teeth’ color shades. Your orthodontist can provide you with clear braces that match your teeth’ color. You can be very versatile with clear braces because there are many ways to beautify your teeth. It might also interest you to know that the elastic bands for clear braces come in different colors. Many people are getting orthodontic treatments but still looking good with clear braces. You can get clear braces near you today.
  • Clear braces are more comfortable. Unlike metal braces, clear braces are more convenient to wear. The sharp edges of metal braces could irritate or bruise your cheeks or gums whenever you talk or eat, thereby causing discomfort and pain. People who use clear braces have testified that they are gentler than metal braces.
  • Clear braces can be durable like metal braces if taken care of properly. One of the reasons people tend to become uninterested in clear braces is that they worry that their clear braces would chip easily and delay their treatment period. If you get good-quality clear braces, you won’t have to experience any disruption caused by breakages or cracks. The clear braces in Stafford are made with suitable materials and don’t chip or crack easily. You can get your original clear braces in Stafford today.
  • Clear braces are less costly. You might consider getting a clear aligner because they are more aesthetic. However, a clear aligner takes more time to correct or straighten the teeth than clear braces. Clear braces can straighten your teeth quicker than clear aligners, and they are still not as costly as clear aligners.

How Do I Maintain My Clear Braces?

If you want your clear braces to last you for a long time and continue to work effectively enough till your treatment is completed, you would have to care for them properly by:

  • Sticking to a good oral care routine. You should ensure that you brush your teeth twice daily and floss at least once daily. Also, you should always floss and rinse your mouth with a fluoride-based mouthwash after every meal to take out food debris and prevent plaques from accumulating, especially areas around your clear braces.
  • Limiting the intake of foods and drinks that might stain your clear braces and teeth. Starchy foods like pasta and bread or drinks like wine, coffee, and tea are major causes of teeth stains. They can also stain your clear braces.
  • Staying away from tobacco and cigarettes.
  • Avoiding teeth whitening products. If you use teeth whitening products after getting your clear braces, the teeth beneath the clear braces look different from the whitened visible teeth surface.
  • Visiting the dentist regularly for dental checkups. Your dentist can replace bad and discolored parts of the clear braces during your dental appointments.

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