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If you’ve been looking for an orthodontist near you in Stafford, VA to help transform your smile, you deserve to find an orthodontist that utilizes only the latest and most proven technologies in oral health care and smile transformations.

Aligner therapy is becoming very common in orthodontics but there are three reasons that we’ve chosen to provide patients in Stafford, VA with the superior quality of Invisalign. First, when compared to other aligners available, Invisalign has been proven to work up to 50 percent faster. Second, patients report that Invisalign aligners are extremely comfortable to wear. And third, the advanced technology behind Invisalign ensures you’ll attain the results you’re looking for in the quickest amount of time.

The digital imaging and software behind the Invisalign difference are on point with the commitment to excellence that we have at Lupi Orthodontics. Not only will your smile benefit from the advantages already mentioned, but the orthodontic team at our friendly Stafford, VA office will be able to track your progress at every appointment.

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