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Invisalign For Teens in Stafford, VA

Many teens shy away from the idea of filling their mouth with metal for up to two years or more. thankfully, Invisalign is an alternative! Teens as well as adults alike are beginning to craft beautiful smiles using Invisalign. James E. Lupi DDS in Stafford, VA wants you to know the benefits of Invisalign for your teens.

Benefits of Invisalign for Teens

Obviously, one of the biggest benefits of Invisalign for teens is the inconspicuous appearance of the appliance. However, this is not the only benefit of Invisalign; far from it! Besides the fact that Invisalign is virtually undetectable and sleek, you get the added benefit of the smooth texture of the Invisalign aligner trays. This makes orthodontic treatment more comfortable.

Another benefit that many teens don’t think of at first is the freedom to eat whatever they want while they are undergoing Invisalign treatment. For the entirety of the time that you are being treated with traditional braces with metal brackets, your diet would be extremely limited. You have to avoid certain foods that could cause the brackets to break or cause food to get stuck in between them. This includes foods such as peanuts, popcorn, beef jerky, and anything else that is hard to chew. Invisalign allows you to eat any food you want! Simply remove your aligner trays, enjoy your favorite foods, and remember to brush and floss before putting your trays back in. It really is that easy!

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