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Night Guards in Stafford, VA

A night guard, also known as a splint or dental guard, is a removable dental appliance worn while you sleep to protect your teeth against the effects of night-time teeth clenching or grinding. Our orthodontist will recommend a night guard if you show signs of bruxism. Such symptoms include fractured teeth, worn enamel, jaw pain, and temporomandibular joint disorders, and headaches, among others. A thorough evaluation is required before our orthodontist can prescribe a night guard for you.

Over-the-Counter Night Guards Vs. Custom Night Guards

Night guards are available at most drugstores without a prescription. The downside of these stock night guards is that they aren’t made with your unique specifications in mind. As such, these night guards may not fit well and may cause you increased discomfort and sleep disruption.

James E. Lupi DDS provides custom night guards in Stafford, VA. During your appointment, our orthodontist will carefully evaluate your oral well-being and check for signs of bruxism and clenching. Afterward, the orthodontist will take a digital or manual impression of your teeth and send this mold to the dental lab. The dental lab manufactures a custom night guard that fits perfectly over your teeth.

How to Effectively Use Your Night Guard

Often, bruxism and teeth clenching are brought on by a combination of factors. Our orthodontist will check to see which factors apply to your case. For instance, a predisposition to a high-stress environment may cause you to clench or grind your teeth constantly. Dr. Lupi will advise you on better ways to manage your stress as these will allow you to enjoy the benefits of the night guard. Dr. James E. Lupi may also recommend teeth straightening if dental malocclusion is the reason behind your teeth grinding.

Addressing all factors contributing to your dental issues will enable the maximum effectiveness of your dental appliance.

Benefits of Wearing Night Guards

Teeth grinding and clenching has numerous detrimental effects. If you’re prone to grinding your teeth, you may experience pain and discomfort, which often leads to long-term problems. Night guards are beneficial because they alleviate a lot of the issues that teeth grinders face. Namely:

  • Night guards prevent tooth damage by preventing enamel loss and fracturing.
  • Night guards prevent temporomandibular joint disorders (TMD). Clenching your teeth while you sleep can cause jaw tension resulting in TMD.
  • Night guards are useful in alleviating sleep disorders and preventing headaches or migraines associated with clenched teeth and sleep interruptions.

Are you interested in night guards near you? Call James E. Lupi DDS today to schedule a consultation.

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