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PROPEL® Orthodontics in Stafford, VA

If you like to use the latest techniques and technologies in every area of your life, then you might be curious about PROPEL®️ therapy near you. This unique system is designed to stimulate bone remodeling to help move teeth faster during orthodontic treatment. At present, the office of James E. Lupi DDS is one of the only ones that offer PROPEL orthodontics in Stafford, VA.

What Is PROPEL Orthodontics?

PROPEL Orthodontics is one of the latest developments in the dental field. It is a system of treatment that can be utilized alongside other methods like braces to shift teeth and correct misalignments faster than a single approach. The devices used during treatment stimulate the bone that surrounds the teeth, allowing the teeth themselves to shift and adapt to a new position. When done correctly, the PROPEL system can reduce the amount of time orthodontic treatment takes by 50 percent.

Why Should You Consider the Treatment?

PROPEL is ideal for individuals who want an efficient and non-invasive way to correct minor misalignments and malocclusions of their teeth and jaws without undergoing the discomfort of traditional orthodontic methods. The micro osteo-perforations created during treatment are non-invasive and do not require painful tightening appointments.

Another reason to consider this type of orthodontics is that you have the ability to cut treatment time in half. Orthodontic treatment often takes years and can be uncomfortable for the patient, who has to make adjustments to their life and daily routines. With PROPEL, you can speed up treatment and enjoy more time with your new smile than ever before.

Can PROPEL Be Used During Current Treatment?

A common question we receive is whether or not the PROPEL system can be used in the middle of treatment for a patient who began their orthodontic process without it. The majority of our patients at the office of James E. Lupi DDS can utilize PROPEL after treatment has started.


If you are seeking an orthodontist in Stafford who uses modern technology to speed up your treatment time, then look no further than the office of James e. Lupi DDS. We currently use the PROPEL system and can help you reduce the time you spend on appliances like braces.

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