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Two-Phase Orthodontic Treatment in Stafford, VA

Do you have a child who’s showing signs of teeth misalignment or malocclusion? Is your child seven years or older? The earlier your child gets an orthodontic evaluation, the better their chances of undergoing shorter and successful treatment.

After a thorough consultation and assessment, Dr. James Lupi in Stafford, VA, will determine whether your child is a suitable candidate for early orthodontic treatment—or interceptive orthodontics. Early orthodontic treatment is the treatment that begins in the earlier years of a patient, as early as seven years of age. At this age, the patient’s teeth and jaws are still developing. As such, the approach to treatment differs slightly in comparison to orthodontic treatment for an adult patient.

Here’s what to expect from the two-phase treatment:

Phase I: Interceptive Treatment

Phase I treatment manages early orthodontic issues such as overcrowding, early tooth loss, malocclusions (overbites, overjets, crossbites, open bites) or social issues, thus allowing the patient to respond better to future orthodontic treatment and avoid unnecessary procedures such as extractions.

Recall Visits

This is a resting period between the two phases. During this time, Dr. James Lupi will monitor growth and development, and determine when Phase II will begin.

Phase II: Comprehensive Treatment

Once growth and development shows it is time for your child’s smile journey, Dr. James Lupi will re-evaluate and determine the best treatment plan for Phase II. This could include fixed orthodontic appliances (braces) or Invisalign treatment.

Dr. James Lupi in Stafford, Va will help you give your child an early start to a smile that will last a lifetime.

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