Type of Orthodontics Appliance Available At Lupi Orthodontics, VA
Types of Orthodontic Appliances

We want you to be successful in your smile journey, it is a team effort. If Dr. Lupi has advised that an orthodontic appliance be used either prior to or in addition to your treatment, patient cooperation and compliance is necessary to achieve optimum results. Always remember to bring your appliance to each appointment.

Below are some of the types of appliances that are used in orthodontic treatment.


A Bionator is used to position the lower jaw forward and is best used during an active growth period. It is usually worn in conjunction with a head gear appliance. Typical length of wear is about 12 months and amount of time specified by Dr. Lupi.

Chin Up

A chin cup is used to help close anterior open bites and keeps the back teeth from erupting. It is usually worn about 12 hours per day and length of wear is between 6 -12 months.

Class II Springs

These springs are used to guide your occlusion(bite) into the proper position. They are fixed in the mouth, so there is little a patient needs to do except follow instructions given by Dr. Lupi for routine care.

Elastics (Rubber Bands)

Wearing rubber bands is a right of passage in your orthodontic journey! They do a variety of different things, but the main use is to control your bite! Remember, they are only work as well as they are worn!

Face Mask

Under bites (Lower jaw ahead of the upper jaw) if caught at a young age (7-10) can be skeletally changed by wearing a FACE MASK 12 hours per day (mostly while sleeping). This appliance will bring the upper jaw forward if worn consistently. It is worn with a bonded expander.

Head Gear

Head gear appliances are used when the upper jaw is too far forward. It is best used between the ages of 9-12 and is worn 12 hours per day. The more that it is worn, the faster we get that result.

Herbst Appliance

The Herbst appliance is used in correlation with full orthodontic appliances. It is used for Class II bites (upper ahead of the lower) and helps guide the lower jaw forward while keeping the upper jaw stationary. It is most effective in the adolescent growth spurt and worn for about 9 months.

Lip Bumper

A lip bumper is used to expand the lower arch and correct crowding by using the lip muscle. It is usually worn 6-9 months.

Palatal Expander

The palatal expander is used to help widen the upper arch. It is worn for 5 months in most cases. There are many variations in this appliance and that determines the amount of time it is worn.


Tooth positioners help Dr. Lupi settle your teeth into the final position. Patients are asked to do biting exercises to complete this movement. Typical length in this appliance is 4 months and then retainers are placed.


Retainers are used to maintain that beautiful result upon completion of your orthodontic treatment. Retention is critical in preventing relapse. Full time wear in the beginning for about 9 months to stabilize the teeth and then nights only. We advise that patients to this until the wisdom teeth have either been extracted or erupted completely in the mouth and growth is complete. There are many variations of retainers and Dr. Lupi will develop the proper retainer to complete your smile!


Spacers are small rubber rings that are flossed between teeth to help open the contacts so that bands (rings) may be placed. They are in place for 1 week. During that time we ask that you do not have any sticky or chewy foods, and that you do not floss where you see a spacer as you could push it too far down or pull it completely out.

Schwartz Retainer

A Schwartz retainer is used to help widen the upper arch and can help straight the front teeth. It is turned by the patient 2 times per week and worn all the time unless instructed otherwise for about 6-12 months.

TAD’s (Temporary Anchorage Device)

A TAD is a mini implant that is inserted strategically by Dr. Lupi to use as an anchor without unwanted movement to the adjacent teeth.

TP BAR (Transpalatal Bar)

A TP Bar is used to help control the position of the molars on the upper arch. Typical length of treatment is 12-18 months.


Turbos are composite ramps added to the back of the front teeth to help correct overbites and prevent. These are placed in correlation with braces. They prevent you from hitting the lower braces and causing breakages.

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