The Wonders Of Palatal Expanders
The Wonders Of Palatal Expanders

The Wonders Of Palatal Expanders

Jun 01, 2021

We all have different palate shapes. Some people have a narrow palate shape and most times this can be seen in children and young adolescents. So an expander is a way of making room for the permanent teeth to grow and put the teeth in the correct order. In case the child requires other orthodontic treatments in the future, the expander would have helped in the expansion of the palate and this will allow for better treatment.

A Palatal Expander is a dental device that helps in creating more space in the palate by gently spreading the upper jaw to make better fitting for the bottom and upper teeth. However, some people might not be comfortable with the palatal expander. In this case, they visit the dentist for surgical separation of the maxilla. Nevertheless, a palatal expansion is used mostly for children with inappropriate tooth growth and bad jaw alignment.

A palatal expander in Stafford can also be used to correct crossbites. If the upper jaw is very narrow and doesn’t have a suitable position that fits with the lower jaw, there’s a possibility that there will be a collision between the back top teeth and the lower teeth. For children with normal palates, the back top teeth bite outside the lower teeth. If this is left untreated, it can cause pain, tooth decay, and sleep disorder. It can be corrected by the expansion of the upper jaw with an expander.

Also, a palatal expander in Stafford, VA can be used to correct teeth crowding. When there’s not enough room for the child’s permanent teeth to come in, widening of the upper jaw will help make space for the new teeth to grow. You don’t need to extract your child’s teeth to make more room for new teeth. This is where a palatal expansion can be of great help.

A palatal expander can also stop another tooth from blocking the eruption of a new tooth. This kind of issue happens mostly with the canine teeth. Expanding the jaw can allow the new tooth to grow in a comfortable and better position.

Types of Palatal Expanders

There are different types of palatal expanders near you that are specially designed for patients according to their distinct dental issues. You can either get the removable or fixed expanders. However, talk to your dentist for a better recommendation on what suits you better.

Removable palate expander: Your dentist can recommend a removable palate expander if you only need minor jaw expanding. However, you should make use of the removable palate expanders 24 hours a day for effective results. You can remove the expanders when you want to eat, brush your teeth, or do other things that require much use of the teeth. Note that you are to put the expanders back into your mouth after you’re done. Always maintain proper hygiene and clean the expanders since they are not fixed into the mouth.

Rapid palatal expander (RPE): This type of expander is fixed into the mouth by a professional dentist. Unlike the removable palate expander, it is not easily removable. It can correct dental issues like crossbites, crowding, and narrow palates. Most times, the dentist permits the patient to leave the expander for few months even after getting the required effectiveness. This helps with the formation of new bones. However, for RPE to work you have to twist a screw that is located in the middle of the expander every day. There is a unique key that is provided by your dentist to allow twist the screw. This helps to move the jaw gradually to a proper position.

Mini-Implant Assisted Rapid Palatal Expander: The MARPE is used mostly by young adults who need a stronger expander that can apply more tension on the palate. In this case, this happens with people who didn’t start using the palatal expander early enough. This type of expander works directly on the palate and not the teeth. Just like other expanders, there is a screw at the middle of the expanders that helps pull pressure on the palate.
Regardless of what expander you use, the goal of a palatal expander is to help broaden the smile beautifully. And it can also reduce the years your child has to spend using orthodontic treatments. However, do not feel helpless when you notice your child has a narrow palate or a bad jaw alignment.

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