What to Consider Minor and Major Emergency Orthodontics?
What to Consider Minor and Major Emergency Orthodontics?

What to Consider Minor and Major Emergency Orthodontics?

Dec 01, 2020

Orthodontic emergencies are rare! But it does not mean they can’t occur. When it comes to orthodontic procedures, they all deal with restoring bites and smiles. If we talk about emergencies, they vary from minor to major.

As we know, most orthodontic procedures involve the use of some appliances. So, if they don’t fit perfectly inside the mouth, it can cause pain and other severe issues.

We are here to discuss orthodontic emergencies so that one can identify them immediately and can get professional help before the problem gets worse. Emergency orthodontic care in 22554 is the best way to get a perfect smile.

Minor Orthodontic Emergencies

The majority of orthodontic problems are minor and can be resolved easily even with a phone call. Although the issue is minor, it still indulges pain and discomfort. Some of the minor orthodontic issues are

a) Mild Toothaches or Loose Teeth

When you wear braces, it shifts your teeth that cause mild pain and discomfort. It is a sign that treatment is working, but still, the symptoms need to treat. One can treat this issue so easily with warm water salt. But, if the pain is severe, take pain killers suggested by the experienced orthodontist.

If a patient still experiences pain, then in such a situation, one can contact James E.Lupi DDS for Emergency orthodontic care in Stafford, VA.

b) Broken or Loose Brackets

If a bracket, wire, and any other piece of braces get broken down, it needs to repair immediately. In case the piece is still attached, you need to handle it carefully till you fix an appointment with your doctor.

If some part of braces hurt and makes you feel uncomfortable, you can apply dental wax on it for temporary relief. But don’t forget to see your dentist because he or she is the only person who can provide you a permanent solution.

c) Sores or Rubbing Irritations

Irritation is a common problem that patients may experience when they wear braces. The appliance may rub against lips and can cause sores. Applying wax could be a solution. But for a permanent solution, one needs to have then adjusted from their orthodontist.

Major Orthodontic Emergencies

There are rare chances for them. But still, they can happen. These emergencies include the issues that require to contact orthodontic on an emergency basis:

  • Unmanageable, severe pain inside the mouth
  • Swelling gums and infections
  • Trauma to the teeth and face
  • Oral cavity accidents

Accidents usually move braces from their place. If a sudden fall or accident happens, patients require seeing the skilled orthodontist as soon as possible. Tissues in your mouth need time to heal. So get your braces fixed back to their normal place. If you want to avoid such situations, ensure to use a mouth-guard for protection.

How to Deal with Minor Orthodontic Emergencies?

If someone has decided to acquire braces, he/she must have an emergency kit at home to battle against minor issues that are unavoidable. Your emergency tool-kit must have:

  • Tweezers
  • Cotton swabs
  • Braces Wax etc

The use of the above-mentioned tools depends upon the seriousness of the issue. But still, they help to alleviate the symptoms till you schedule an appointment with your dentist. Generally, people don’t bother about having such tools. But when some emergency arises, they could be highly beneficial. After all, it is the matter of your smile.

What Should I Do In Case of Orthodontic Emergency?

Fortunately, orthodontic emergencies are rare. But still, we can’t think that they can’t happen. We tried to list common major and minor orthodontic emergencies in our blog. Hopefully, the information would be useful for those who are under orthodontic treatment. If the issue is minor, one can deal with it by having a small tool- kit that we have mentioned in the blog.

Teeth are important for all of us, and no-one should take them lightly. If you or your loved ones are experiencing an orthodontic problem and they are not comfortable with an appliance like braces, don’t wait too much time to take professional help.

If you have queries and are searching for emergency orthodontic care near me, contact James E. Lupi DDS, a reliable place to resolve all your orthodontic problems.

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