Who Are Clear Aligners for and How to Care for Them
Who Are Clear Aligners for and How to Care for Them

Who Are Clear Aligners for and How to Care for Them

Aug 01, 2020

Clear aligners are designed in a way that helps to guide teeth into the right position. They are similar to braces in that they both use force gradually to control teeth movement, and they don’t require brackets or metal wires.

The material used to make the aligners are sturdy plastic and are also fabricated to ensure they fit the patient’s mouth. When a series of aligners are required, each aligner independently moves the teeth until the desired position is acquired.

For the aligners to be efficient, they should be worn at least twenty hours a day. They are changed every three weeks, and the severity of your case will determine the length of the treatment.

Some treatments take three weeks, while others may last up to six months. However, the aligner treatment will take a shorter time as compared to traditional braces. You can visit any dentistry near you to enquire about them.

Braces as an Option

Straightening the teeth with braces is more effective in the youth years when the jaw and teeth are still under development. It doesn’t necessarily mean you shouldn’t wear braces after your teenage years, many adults who undergo orthodontic treatment get great results.

Ceramic braces are also a viable option if you want to straighten your teeth subtly. These type braces are tooth-colored. Ceramic braces are a way more natural match for people that have darker tooth shades. Apart from the difference in color, both clear aligners and ceramic braces function similarly. The dentists in Stafford, VA, offer both ceramic braces and clear aligners.

Clear Aligners vs. Metal Braces

For teeth to have proper alignment, metal braces treatment might take about eighteen to twenty-four months. Clear aligners, on the other hand, take about three to six months, depending on your misalignment.

Metal braces require an orthodontist to adjust and tighten the wire regularly. After each tightening, a day or two later, some patients experience sore teeth. With clear aligners, you won’t have to wear any wire, and you will have a reduced number of checkups compared to metal braces.

If you have metal braces, you will have to be extra careful, especially when brushing your teeth. It also tends to be a little challenging to clean some areas. When brushing, you can take off the aligners then put them back on when you are done. It, therefore, saves you from changing your oral health routine.

When wearing the aligners, you can continue with your regular diet. Metal braces come with food restrictions; because some foods can damage the wire.

Clear aligners are more comfortable than metal braces, and they fit perfectly unlike braces whose wires and brackets may irritate your mouth. Adjusting and tightening the pair can also be quite painful.

How to Take Care of Clear Aligners?

  • Rinse the aligners after removing them. Use cold water to rinse the aligners once you remove them. Rinsing them helps to get rid of the saliva build-up, thus preventing bacteria from forming. Having clean aligners means that you will have a healthy mouth.
  • Never use hot water to clean. A lot of heat might damage the plastic, ruining the aligners. This will necessitate a replacement and extra expenses.
  • Before wearing them, make sure you brush and floss. After eating, make sure you brush your teeth to keep food particles from getting trapped between your teeth and aligners. This can lead to dental problems such as tooth decay or plaque build-up.
  • Use soap when cleaning and not toothpaste. Antibacterial soap is gentle on your aligners. When it comes to plastic, toothpaste might be abrasive and scratch your aligners. Scratched aligners can be noticed easily. If you chose the aligners for their invisibility, then the aligners won’t serve your purpose with scratches on.
  • Soak them in a denture cleaner or clear retainer cleaner. Do not use a colored mouthwash as it will discolor the aligners giving them the same tint on the mouthwash bottle.

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