Why You Need to Consider Protective Night Guards for Your Dental
Why You Need to Consider Protective Night Guards for Your Dental

Why You Need to Consider Protective Night Guards for Your Dental

Sep 01, 2020

Clenching of your teeth occurs without being aware while you sleep. The unintentional habit can lead to a severe condition that affects your jaw muscles. You can use night guards to protect your teeth, and ensure you don’t experience tooth pain once you are awake. Nightguards near you are individually customized to fit in your mouth perfectly and separate your teeth.

You’ll need the custom-crafted appliance to provide you with comfortable and adequate protection between your teeth. Personalized appliances allow you to breathe or speak freely, and they are suitable for your snoring disorders.

What are Nightguards?

Nightguards are orthodontic devices, used to separate your teeth from clenching, as you sleep, and protect them from injuries during sports. They are applicable in relieving obstructive sleep apnea and manage snoring disorders.

Your hygienist determines the ideal type of mouth guard for your condition. Custom-made mouthguards take the shape of your teeth and are molded to resemble your teeth and mouth’s structure. Night Guards near you should be comfortable during sleep to ensure you don’t grind your teeth.

Why You Need Nightguards

The dental appliances prevent your teeth from damage during sleep. They separate your teeth from unintentional bites, which lead to pain and injuries. Nightguards in 22554 are custom-made to fit and protect your teeth from grinding. Your dentist creates the appliance to rule out sleep apnea disorder.

If you experience tooth pain, sore jaws, or dull headache as you wake up, you need to seek medical attention to determine whether you have bruxism. Your dentist may recommend you to place a nightguard between your teeth as you sleep in managing the condition. The appliance ensures you have a gentle bite since it’s molded to take your teeth’s shape.

Nightguards made with unique impressions and can serve you for about two years. They protect your teeth surfaces from wearing out through clenching, which may form cracks and affect your jaw muscles the appliance is comfortable to your oral tissues, and it would be best if you consider having it.

Various Applications for Nightguards

Your orthodontist determines the ideal mouth guard to protect your teeth. Nightguards in 22554 are vital in handling the following conditions:

  • Teeth clenching is caused by bruxism, and the disorder causes sleep-related movements. Nightguards ensure you are protected from jaw pain, sore gums, and tooth pain caused by teeth grinding.
  • Night Guards in Stafford, VA aid in managing Sleep apnea, a severe condition that halts your breath as you sleep. Mild sleep apnea can be controlled by mouthguards to keep the airways open during sleep.
  • Nightguards can also reduce snoring that result from vibrations of your soft tissue in the upper airway. A custom-made mouthguard can be used to manage snoring disorders.

Taking Care of Your Night Guard

It’s essential to clean your night guard for maintaining your oral hygiene. The following measures are vital in ensuring your mouthguard serves you for long:

  • Rinse your nightguards with recommended mouthwash, before placing them in your mouth, to maintain proper oral hygiene
  • Floss and brush your teeth before placing them in your mouth
  • Brush the appliance with recommended toothpaste
  • Carry your mouthguard to your dentist during appointments, to ensure they fit and function properly.
  • Make regular inspections of the mouth guard for damages that require replacement.

You need to replace your night guards upon the damage or wear out to ensure they serve you for a long time. Making regular visits to your dentist is vital for the inspection of the mouth guards.

Night Guards in Stafford, VA

Our orthodontist in Stafford, VA, may recommend you to utilize a nightguard if you clench your teeth. The removable appliance is used to protect your teeth from clenching during sleep. Nightguards are vital in preventing bruxism, a life-threatening condition that causes jaw pain, TMJ disorders, worn enamel, and severe headaches.

Once you visit our dental practitioners, a thorough evaluation is done to check whether you’ve signs of clenching. Custom-made guards are designed for your dental impression, and your teeth are protected.

Dr James E. Lupi DDS and our specialists may also recommend you to undergo teeth alignment procedure, to address your clenching teeth. Please schedule an appointment with our dental practitioners today, for the selection of ideal night guards.

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