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Early Orthodontic Treatment in Stafford, VA

When it comes to orthodontic treatment, timing is everything. If you want to guarantee your child a perfect smile, you must start early. The American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) recommends that parents schedule their child’s first orthodontic appointment when they first notice a problem and no later than age 7. This age is ideal for an initial orthodontic appointment as your child has enough permanent teeth to allow an orthodontist to diagnose a problem, if any.

Dr. James E. Lupi, DDS, in Stafford, VA, is highly trained and experienced in detecting even the most subtle orthodontic issues. If you suspect your child’s teeth are showing signs of misalignment, we recommend that you book an appointment for early orthodontic treatment.

What Happens During Your Child’s Appointment?

James E. Lupi DDS offers personalized orthodontic care to all patients. We will begin your child’s appointment by having an open and candid consultation regarding your concerns, worries, and observations.

Dr. Lupi will, after that, undertake a visual examination of your child’s bite. We may take dental x-rays to get better insights into your child’s teeth and jaw development.

Several outcomes may present themselves after the assessment. Your child may be showing healthy growth and development with no signs of concern. In this case, no treatment will be required.

In some cases, the patient may show signs that may be indicative of a need for future orthodontic treatment. Our Treatment Coordinator will schedule you for follow-up appointments to keep tabs on your child’s jaw development.

Some children present orthodontic issues that require early treatment. Our orthodontist will come up with a unique treatment plan for your child and explain all the essential details to you. Depending on your child’s needs, two-phase treatment may be recommended, which is a phased approach to orthodontic treatment. The two-phase treatment features an initial phase of interceptive orthodontics and the second phase of conventional orthodontic treatments such as braces.

Benefits of Early Orthodontic Treatment

Early orthodontic treatment in Stafford, VA, allows your child to get the perfect smile while they’re still young. As such, your children can avoid unnecessary dental procedures that may be a necessity if you wait too long to receive treatment.

The jaws of young children are still undergoing development and respond faster to orthodontic intervention.

What’s more—a perfect smile can boost your child’s self-confidence and help them avoid needless teasing and bullying from their peers.

Are you searching for early orthodontic treatment near you? Call James E. Lupi DDS today. Dr. Lupi is a seasoned orthodontist who has helped many residents of Stafford, VA, achieve the smiles of their dreams.

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